Happy New Years 

Detox Juice Special 


6 Juices

1 Elderberry Sea Moss Gel

1 16oz Detox TEA 🔥

Ultimate Juice Cleanse


2x Heavenly Kale Fresh Juice

2xStrawberry Beets Fresh Juice

2x Mango Pineapple Fresh Juice

1x Elderberry Sea Moss Gel

1x Detox Weight Loss Tea


Wildcrafted Sea Moss Gel
Sea Moss Gold Gel

This Mild flavored Sea Moss gel is perfect for someone looking to boost their nutrition. This is the most natural version with no added ingredients other than alkaline water and lime.

Add this to your smoothies, soup, tea or coffee.

Elderberry Sea Moss Gel

This Sea Moss Gel is packed with antioxidants thanks to our helping portion of Elderberries

This gel is delicious right out of the jar as it has several bold favors of elderberry, agave and more.

Mango Sea Moss Gel

Delicious & full of flavor, with mangos, cinnamon, and agave. This gel is good to eat right out of the jar or add to your toast either way, your taste buds will thank you.

Strawberry Sea Moss Gel

Yummy & delicious.... This strawberry flavored Sea Moss Gel is pure perfection.

Add it to anything and boost the nutrition and the flavor.

Holistic Lemonade
Sea Moss infused Strawberry lemonade

Bold lemonade with sea moss and strawberry added for a boost in nutrition and taste!

Elderberry lemonade

Yummy blueberry lemonade with sea moss is pure delightful

Wild Vegan Cupcakes
Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcakes

Our vegan cupcakes are extremely good and guilt free. Try our 4 Pack of soft flavorful cupcakes and experience complete bliss!

Holistic Vegan Cookies
12Pk Chocolate Chip Cookie Platter

Devine chocolate chips that are Soft in the middle with a little crunch on the outside.

Oatmeal Cookies 12 Pack

Everyone's favorite! It is extremely delicious!

Variety Pack 12 pack

All I can say is.... You will be happy you have more for later. The flavors are great together

6 chocolate chip and 6 oatmeal supreme cookies for the family!

Holistic Platters
Vegan Charcuterie Board

Our Holistic Vegan Cheese Board, Is Loaded with Samples of Cheese, Bread, jam, nuts, olives, Dried fruit and more.

Big House Kale Salad

Our Big House Kale Salad Is Loaded with Delicious Toppings, such as, vegan parmesan cheese, garlic tahini dressing, croutons, and my holistic blend of toppings and spices.

Fruit, Hummus and Veggie Tray

Enjoy our arrangement of delicious fruit and veggies paired together for a tasty hummus greek experience.


What customers are saying

Stephanie Jones

14 November 2023
7 months ago
Met the owner at VegFest, and she is just as wonderfully radiant as her products. I purchased the sea moss Gold and the Elderberry. Mild flavor, she recommended...
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Davon Bell

03 September 2023
9 months ago
🗣️The first taste will wake every cell in your body, The beat Sea Moss I’ve tasted in a while. Returning customer indeed. Thanks Courtni