Happy New Years 

Detox Juice Special 


6 Juices

1 Elderberry Sea Moss Gel

1 16oz Detox TEA 🔥


Stephanie Jones

14 November 2023
7 months ago
Met the owner at VegFest, and she is just as wonderfully radiant as her products. I purchased the sea moss Gold and the Elderberry. Mild flavor, she recommended...
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Davon Bell

03 September 2023
9 months ago
🗣️The first taste will wake every cell in your body, The beat Sea Moss I’ve tasted in a while. Returning customer indeed. Thanks Courtni

Tushar Sakthi

04 August 2023
10 months ago
Service and quality is exceptional! Their sea moss gel and sea moss strawberry lemonade has a perfect texture and the flavor is pure delicious 🤤

Ray Boone

09 July 2023
a year ago
I grew up with this Women, very dedicated about her craft and a trustworthy business women. I love her, I get all my seamoss products from her.

Chelsie Christian

27 June 2023
a year ago
Absolutely loved the seamoss lemonades. 10/10 definitely buying more!

Courtney Bell

19 May 2023
a year ago
I Absolutely love and appreciate all of the feedback, I am fond of all of these signature products. My favorite is the golden Mango sea moss gel, and the strawb...
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Mike Mcqeen

09 May 2023
a year ago
Delicious, quality products! And the amount of extra energy I've experienced since adding the sea moss to my diet daily has been remarkable!!!